Quick Guide to Assembling and Setup of A-Frame Starter Kits

As shown for the 40% IPSC Starter Kit

Step by step assembly guide. Takes about five minutes the first time, about 30 seconds to set up and tear down after that.

Recommended tools – First make sure you’e got all the parts

Legitimate Beverage Entry Tool (3/4″ open and box wrench with 9/16″ open, provided with this kit)

Cordless impact driver (or ratchet, or just another 3/4″ wrench) with 3/4″ socket

Pokie boi (use with caution, don’t be dumb), I like to cut a X in the firehose and shove the bolt through. You can just drive the lag bolt through without cutting

Cut X in one end of each firehose with pokie boi

Using impact, run lag screw through firehose into user provided 2×4 (washer goes between lag and firehose) I recommend doing this from the back side of the 2×4 for spall reasons

Using impact and LBET install the hex bolts through the target and firehose. Firehose goes behind target, washer goes behind firehose

You’re done with tools now, go grab your EMT legs

Slip user provided 1/2″ EMT conduit legs over bracket, bracket over user provided 2×4 with target already mounted on it

Pick up the loose 2×4 end and the same thing with the other 2×4 bracket and EMT legs

Apply aiming points, apply bullets

Remember, 12 yards minimum for pistol, 100 yards minimum for rifle.